KNVB President: It Is Difficult to Continue European Football

Coronavirus pandemic spreads and infects many people in many countries all over the world. The pandemic hampers economical activities and some big events. Europe has been infected by the coronavirus massively. It disturbs the continuity of European football leagues. All leagues have been canceled temporarily due to the coronavirus. 

Difficult to Continue European Football

KNVB, Netherland Football Federation President, Just Spee, think that the leagues in Europe are difficult to continue the competition because it remembers the coronavirus pandemic where it doesn’t show that it will be ended. At the same time, we know what we need. We are professional football players and want to play. It happens to the other colleagues in the other continent.

Spee also highlights the competition of Premier League, England. He claimed that the highest level of England’s football is doubted to get back playing around the coronavirus pandemic. In that way, the condition in England is not further different from Netherland and the other European countries. They hold a chance when it exists. Back to the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen it all. Is it realistic? Finally, he said that we’ll see it later. It is added again where Premier League requires some weeks to finish the competition. Are there any sufficient times to finish it? It is very hesitating and doubtful. KNVB takes the earlier steps being the first European country to postpone all football competition matches in this season. It is based on the local government decision extracting the crowd ban up to 1 September. The decision of KNVB to cancel this season happens for the first time since Eredivisie League is formed in 1956. Despite that, all football competitions in Netherland are sure without the title for this season. 

the Netherlands League Have Officially Stop All Competitions in the Season of 2019/2020 

Netherlands League has stopped officially the season of 2019/2020 due to coronavirus pandemic. It has no winner and no degradation. The decision is taken by the Netherlands Football Federation, KNVB, after seeing there is no possibility to finish this season. The Dutch government bans the big event up to 1 September. Eredivisie League, the top level of Netherland League, has played 25 to 26 matches for 8 to 9 weeks from the finish line. Ajax today lead the competition standings with 56 points leading the goal difference from AZ Alkmaar in the second position. 

The current standing will be the last rank but without a winner title and degradation. It means that Ajax and AZ Alkmaar will getaway to the qualification of the Champions League. Then, Feyenoord seeds the third position and get away to group half of the Europe League. Meanwhile, PSV Eindhoven and Willem II to the qualification of Europe League. Those need to agree with the UEFA. The cancellation of the season applies to the second division and will not a promotion team. KNVB has consulted to all sides and ask them to choose the right decision about the degradation and promotion team in this league. This way is following Belgium to stop the season permanently due to COVID-19 infection.