Individuals at Premier League Clubs Affected by COVID-19

There is no doubt that the Premier League becomes one of the professional football leagues with a large amount of money flow in every season. It must be difficult for the league that the coronavirus pandemic made it have to deal with the circumstance especially since mass gathering must be avoided to prevent the spread of the virus. People cannot forget the fact that the football match is the time for people to gather. Nevertheless, health must come first before football because it is not only for the audience’s sake but also for the players and staff’s sake. The virus can spread quickly. The football players are not superhuman that can be free from the virus. Here are some Premier League players who have been tested positive with COVID-19.


A positive test result of coronavirus was given to Mikel Arteta, the head coach of the Arsenal football team. Because of this report, the team had to be quarantined. The team has to play against Brighton but the match has to be postponed due to this circumstance.


The star player of Chelsea, Callum Hudson-Odoi was reported positive with coronavirus although he had fully recovered from COVID-19. Still, he followed the health procedure of self-isolation. Due to this news, the part of the training ground was closed. Self-isolation was also done by other players and staff that had close contact with Hudson-Odoi. Of course, they were also observed under a medical advisor. daftar sbobet online

Manchester City

One of the family members of Benjamin Mendy, the defender of Manchester City had been reported positive with coronavirus. That was the reason why Mendy had to follow the self-isolation procedure. Of course, he had a great understanding of this circumstance.


A player had been reported with consistent symptoms of COVID-19. As a result, the entire team had to be under self-isolation. Besides self-isolation, the training facility located at Finch Farm had to be closed as well along with the headquarter of the club in Liverpool. Jordan Pickford, goalkeeper of the team was reported attending a boxing event for charity. However, he did not under self-isolation after this event.

Leicester City

There was an indication from Brendan Rodgers that some players of Leicester City had the symptoms of COVID-19. The self-isolation period was followed due to this circumstance.


COVID-19 symptoms were displayed by five staff members of the Bournemouth Football Club. The team goalkeeper, Artur Boruc also had shown the symptoms. They went into self-isolation.

Cardiff City

According to the boss of Cardiff City, Neil Harris, self-isolation procedure was followed by a staff member and a player although neither of them had been tested positive with coronavirus.


Positive test result for coronavirus was reported to Sean Raggett that is owned by Norwich but currently becomes on loan defender at Portsmouth. Other Pompey players also got positive test results including Andy Cannon and James Bolton.

Some people might expect that they can still watch the match of the Premier League when they stay at home during the pandemic. Once again, they have to keep in mind that football players are not immune to the coronavirus.